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May 30, 2020

 After the events of the warehouse, we switch our focus to Markis. It has been a few hours since the wreck and he is still at the hospital. Having had a conversation with Quorin's mom, he waits for a car to give him a ride home, only to discover that it's Winter who has arrived to pick him up. Talk about a tense trip home. You can imagine that Markis has a plethora of questions... but it's Winter's answers that prove to be most disturbing.

Written and directed by Drew Profit

Sound design and post production by Austin Beach

Theme song and musical score by Dayn Leonardson

featuring "If I Fail" used with permission by The Whiskey Shambles find more of their work at 


Drew Profit as Quorin 

Mike Janson as Markis

Dayn Leonardson as Winter

Sarah Golding as Mom and Ms. M

Regan Beach as the woman at the hospital

Austin Beach as the radio newscaster

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original cover art by Regan Beach

Banner art by Jeff Boeing