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Mar 29, 2020

Moments after the accident and the emergence of his powers, a dazed and injured Quorin is taken to an abandoned warehouse by the stranger known as Winter. After having his wounds tended to, Quorin awakens to find his reality is in a whole new paradigm. He is part of something far bigger than even the universe itself. Something dark... something hungry. To top it off, the only one who knows what is going on is Winter... a mysterious unsettling enigma with unknown motives. Alone, hurt, exhausted and scared, Quorin has to keep himself in check and try to find a way to accept what Winter tells him. A way to begin to come to terms with what he has become.

Written and Directed by Drew Profit

Sound Design and Post Production by Austin Beach

Theme song and musical score by Dayn Leonardson

Starring Drew Profit, Dayn Leonardson, Mike Janson, and Steve Schneider

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