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Feb 29, 2020

Quorin Andreas, a nineteen year old that briefly experiences death. After being revived he retained a memory of an awareness that was not his own. An ethereal darkness trying to latch on to his soul making him... a vessel. Can Quorin save himself and possibly the world? Or will the machinations of those that hunt him lead to his destruction... or worse?

written and directed by Drew Profit

Sound design and post production by Austin Beach

Theme song written and performed by Dayn Leonardson find Dayns work at

music featured in this episode used with permission by the artists

Songs featured:

Trimmed and burning by The Whiskey Shambles

YOLO by Aesthetic Perfection

Starring: Drew Profit, Dayn Leonardson, Mike Janson, Danielle Ries, Sarah Golding, Jeremy Hennessy, and Austin Beach

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original cover art by Regan Beach

banner art by Jeff Boeing